About Us

We see a world in which equity of opportunity is a reality, not merely a promise, and we strive to work with others who share our ideas. While devout in our mission to serve women in their work, we are inclusive of all.

Our goal at The Riveter is to achieve gender equity in the workplace. We want to advocate for real change, break down the barriers women face every day, and achieve it together.

While we started as an “IRL” experience, we are continuing to build and engage our thriving online community of working women and allies, creating campaigns, content and digital programming that will  bring us together as we work together to create a better today and tomorrow.

We believe in the power of community, now more than ever. If we keep connecting, keep lifting each other up and doing the hard work that systemic change demands, we can provide working women– especially working parents– the support we all need right now to not just survive, but to thrive.

The Riveter Pledge

We believe that together we can build a better world, one in which equity of opportunity is not merely a promise, but is a reality. We ask members and partners to take The Riveter Pledge to be an integral part of making that vision real.