Community Guidelines

1. Give what you can, when you can

New to the community? Introduce yourself! Most members say hello by making a quick post.  Our community wants to know you!

Everyone wants to feel seen and heard. If you’re getting value from a post, be sure to say something. If someone asks a question you have something to share, know that your input matters. Know that your questions and input matters here, and chances are you sharing is moving someone else forward.

See someone new? Welcome them in, especially if you spot a commonality. If you know someone in the community they should meet, tag them! What we have to give is sometimes small but impactful.

2. Show respect

We treat each other with kindness. That looks like validating other’s experiences and shares before adding our own. Offer advice to those who ask for it. When someone shares a win, amplify it. 

Respectfully challenging ideas is allowed, attacking is not. We have a zero tolerance for harassment, bullying, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and any other hate speech that creates an unsafe place for someone to fully be themselves. If you witness this happening, we want to know. You can report a post to flag it for our team to take action. 

The content shared by members in The Riveter may be personal or semi-confidential, and members are posting with their own discretion. However, ask the original poster if you can share their post before you screenshot and/or re-tell their information. If you’d like your post to stay strictly in the community, feel free to label it “Riveter Eyes Only”.

Posts that violate this guideline will be swiftly removed, and repeat violations will result in the removal of that member. Moderators may make the decision to fully remove that member on the first violation, depending on the severity. 

3. Find the right spot to post

The main feed is a perfect spot to post your questions, conversation starters, stories, calls for advice, and the like. 

If you have something to promote, check out the weekly #Humblebrag Thread, posted on Tuesdays.

4. Invite others in

For change to happen, the right people need to be in the room. The Riveter is that room. We need you and others like you to be part of these conversations, sharing your knowledge, and moving us all forward. 

You can invite friends to join the platform by sharing your personal invitation link. Navigate to the “Members” tab, click “Invite”, then scroll down to find your share link. 

Last Update: 20 February 2020