The Riveter Member Pledge

By joining The Riveter you’ve just joined a community committed to a new way. We believe that together we can build a better world, one in which equity of opportunity is not merely a promise, but is a reality. By becoming a Riveter, you are showing not only that you support that vision, but that you are an integral part of making it real.  

We built The Riveter to be a space from which to stoke change, be it personal, professional, or societal. The Riveter is a place for you to explore ideas, to get work done, to make things happen. Strong communities help women thrive in their work; compromises to that inhibits our ability to succeed, individually and collectively.

Inclusion is the value that we hold most sacred. We are built by women, for everyone. The Riveter will go beyond mere compliance to create a community where anyone belongs. Actions that deviate from our commitment to inclusion and equity will not be tolerated. Actions that deviate from our commitment to creating a safe space for all women and allies to work and engage without discrimination, degradation, and harassment will not be tolerated. These things are just wrong and will result in revocation of membership.

We ask each Riveter to pledge to reject discrimination, harassment, and degradation in all forms. 

By joining The Riveter you have taken an action that we hope you find profound, inspiring, and boundary-pushing. We will do tremendous things together. Together we will forge a better world.